Truth In The Flesh

by Booder


Booder Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Truth In The Flesh (prod. by Mikanix)
Verse 1: I can't let these niggaz get the best of me. Underground underdog, trying to work to build up a legacy. Gotta give them longevity while holding on to my integrity. Rolling down my road of destiny. Back home being exposed was too much of a jeopardy. Cause aint nobody disrespecting me. Or trying to make me feel less than me. And so I took it to the next city. Left all my fam, I had to do it separately. And that can affect the best of G's. At times it felt like I had arrested me. From the woods into the hood protection free. But if a nigga got beef then I can show him some recipes. Watch your words, I'm painting pictures nigga. A lot of niggaz shit cropped and blurred. Try to show them hip hop aint all about the herb. While out to get what I deserve, and that's real.

Hook x2: Trying to pop up in heads when they speak of the best. That's why I spit it from the shit that beats deep in a chest. And Ima do it until a nigga feeble or death. So what's the definition of truth? Me in the flesh.

Verse 2: I'm a legend in the making. It's easy to see the truth when several niggaz faking. Talking all that ice 'til felon niggaz take it. I'd rather hear about life however niggaz make it. Shit you was facing. If you aint really live it don't even issue a statement. Trying to get paid off lies..In this day in age when it aint nothing to get sprayed off ties..That you used to have. That's why a lot of niggaz music trash. Nothing but fronts, disses, and fibs. It's all fun until another mother missing her kids. In Philly they say I got you..And then they spot you and run up reaching for their hip or their ribs. Before you're wishing you did just stay true to yourself. You think you're hot but it aint nothing for you to be melt. Come collide with the real, no denying it feels like a nigga punchlines fucking ruining health.

Hook x2
Track Name: Keep On Pressing ft. Boney Man
Hook (Boney Man): Everyday we live our we're just trying to make it to the next one. I'll give you the answer..if you ask me the question. You know it's gonna be alright..if you just keep on pressing. You know you're gonna be alright..if you just keep on pressing.

Verse 1: I done had three court cases, one arrest, with no lock ups. Was twenty years old, own spot, with no knock ups. Main ambition is to always have my gwop up. Seems like every other month another bill pops up. Young doing grown shit, sometimes I get home sick. As soon as I graduated had to hold my own dick. Never take advice from anyone who never owned shit. If you stay to yourself you're never with the wrong clique. It's a long way up but you can fall fast. Thought it was all fun and games 'til it all passed. I said I'm headed to the top and they all laughed. Now anybody that's in my way should haul ass. It's nothing to spit visions. Good dude, cool with the brothers that flip pigeons. I'd rather be offed than be prison. That's why I always be in the cut..incisions.


Verse 2 (Boney Man): Everybody's on me like I'm holding the pearl. I'm so sick of my city I'm going to hurl. I've done messed up in the past now I'm owing the world. The judge tried to lock me down an so did my girl. Boney Man Manyana, tomorrow man. Don't ask me, I got nothing to borrow man. And I aint trying to be bothered with your sorrow fam. Still pull up with the kids in the caravan. I cook cocaine, and push good weed. Because..I know exactly what the hood need. And things aint exactly where they should be. But these niggaz be lying and could've fooled me. I wanna tell a story, where to begin to. Talk like Yota on ya ass, cause it's due. Trying to find a nigga, put him on the menu. But I cut through the bull shit, Ginsu.


Verse 3: I got a jet high sex drive. But save all that pay to play bull shit for the next guy. I used to be more immature and less wise. Then fell back to find me and invest pride. I'm out of my league, ahead of my time. And you can believe anything that I said in my rhymes. It's much harder to do right instead of a crime. But when life taught me a lesson I kept it in mind. Had my hoes and my niggaz, it was all great. But when shit got real I found out that they were all fake. Kept my circle small. Learned that the ones you keep close can hurt you the worst of all. Now I got trust issues, and you can't really get to my heart without a hearse involved. I stayed strong through it all so salute when you step. Now here I am, the truth in the flesh

Track Name: B Double O (prod. by SlingRaw)
Verse 1: Hit me first if you ever need a verse. That'll put a beat in a hearse or deep in the dirt. You fighting uphill battles, I can even the turf. Or enlighten little niggaz like the preacher in church. I aint trying to make the people convert, I'm trying to make it do what it do. Few in the crew because it aint too many real niggaz out here pursuing it too. A lot of people only do it for loot, while I'm over here spewing the truth. But I'm guessing that's the way it goes. Pushing through bull shit to make it to the radio. Still kill it underground or label. Every bar profound, niggaz sounding playful. They're all beat and no bars, and swear they go so hard. Until it's going down like the clouds in April. And really don't care if I seem offensive. Cause niggaz couldn't see me if they cleaned their lenses.

Hook: If you ever need bars from the truth then dawg you should call (B. Double O.D.E.R.) You can get it if you want it nigga, fuck your age, what's the name (B. Double O.D.E.R.) Now who's that nigga you can hate but you should never doubt, spell it out (B. Double O.D.E.R.) Yea..I'm the main contender. Just started recording but writing since I can't remember.

Verse 2: You aint even gotta like it but you know what it is. Still doing niggaz cold enough to go in the fridge. Niggaz bars are garbage, better throw on a lid. Cause if they try to play me Ima show them the biz. Use or loose your top. I'll make the punchlines beat that ass until the music stops. To the true lyricists I'm the man to feature. But rapping actors I'm a dude to watch. Never a dude to choose to knock or diss. That'll kick off a lyrical apocalypse. Process it before you start plotting shit. Basically you niggaz better watch your lips. I quit playing with bars, started writing songs. And recording, cause it aint like life is long. Found out that the booth is my type of thrown. So I dedicated my life to the microphone.


Verse 3: Spell the name out so their never wondering who. In hopes that I can make it worth a duffle or two. Lots of MC's but I only fuck with a few. Because a lot of them just be niggaz with nothing to do. Aint about shit, just lames that want fame. In the Youtube videos waving chum change. The game went from Nas and Hov to Waka. Cause all you niggaz talk about is hoes and choppers. Forgot about the art of rap. Telling your story, making people feel like they're apart of that. Spitting them verbal artifacts. I don't give a damn about what niggaz charge for packs. Fall back, get the fuck up outta here with all that. I do the instrumentals like dinner..y'all snacks. So whether you wanna get destroyed or trying to collab hit ya boy.
Track Name: Real Rap ft. Mikanix (prod. by Mikanix)
Verse 1: So young but the flow so mean. Not a tree hugger but trying to make the globe go green. Niggaz be all about them low blow schemes. My life gotta where the hoes go theme. Not a crack flipper, instead I'm fucking with the tax jippers. Trying to be one of the few track rippers. Notice how I said one of a few. If you disagree with it aint none of them you. Niggaz write a whole page of hype and then claim they're nice. I rap like I'm trying to save my life. And I may not be living in the ways of Christ. But I thank God for every single day and night. Reminiscing on the time when it wasn't just about the beat. More importantly about the shit the nigga rhymes. They spitting and their lying and expect me to feel that...I guess I'm bringing the real back.

Hook: (Real Rap) Like when Big used to kill tracks my nigga. (Real Rap) Don't you wish it was still that my nigga. (Real Rap) I'm just bringing the real back my nigga. (Real Rap) Un-huh (Real Rap) Yea (Real Rap) Most of these niggaz spit lies my nigga. (Real Rap) They be thinking that shit fly my nigga (Real Rap) You get the truth from this guy my nigga. (Real Rap) Un-huh (Real Rap) Yea (Real Rap)

Verse 2 (Mikanix)


Verse 3: Trying to be known for spitting something that the people can feel. Hungry, killing tracks is like eating a meal. When you niggaz gonna quit with all the acting and chill? Nigga you aint really rapping 'til you're rapping the real. Spit what you're living instead of all that shit that you didn't. My bars will have them listening and getting a vision. Heartfelt from the free to the niggaz in prison. From the niggaz in the street to the niggaz that isn't. Fuck your chains and cars and all them pitiful punchlines. Tell a nigga about what you did or do when its crunch time. Niggaz say they got nines and never seen one. Even say they got cake and really need some. Time to bring it back to reality. Flow flu sick, your shit is like fucking allergies. Hurting the beats and killing tracks. B Double O and Mikanix, how real is that?

Hook x2
Track Name: Mary Jane Dedication ft. Mikanix (prod. by Mikanix)
Verse 1: Mary be my stress reliever. On deck since we met and I've yet to leave her. Turn a quiet ass nigga to the best of speakers. That's only one of many of her special features. When a nigga feeling low she can get him high. Even help a nigga cope when a nigga dies. And to those that don't know but that criticize. Give her a try, she can open a nigga mind. Have you understanding problems. Helping you come up with some other plans to solve them. Level you out when you're mad as shit. And still get you locked up, now aint that a bitch? I break her down, then I roll her up. Then I hit it 'til a nigga can't hold the dutch. Repeat the process 'til I pass out. Me and my boo who only weighs a half ounce.

Hook: I believe you are a rainbow. All the heaven I need to see. You're the promise, everlasting high. And where you are I hope to be.

Verse 2 (Mikanix): Mary Jane fills the void in my life, she gets me right. So I hit it in the morning and then twice at night. Chink eyed, blurred vision, smoke circles in the kitchen. Reminiscing about times when they were worst than this. I light a Bob Marley splif and twist the cap of the fifth. And just pretend for a while that all my problems don't exist. I smoke it down to the clip after a dozen sips. This Henny Black and cousin it got me buzzing quick. And I'm lovin' it, like McDonalds commercials. So if you touch mine I'll put you on a walker like Hershel. Don't take it personal but please don't make me hurt you. I'm closer to my herbal than Richard Gear with gerbils. They strip and search you, I keep the pot tucked in the socks. Just legalize it, I've had e-fucking-nough of these cops. Imagine smoking weed in the streets without cops harassing. Then uncle Sam will want a piece of the action and get to taxing.


Verse 3: She will have a nigga feeling like he's up in the clouds. You can tell from the smell we've been fucking around. Got my boo and a dutch, now I'm busting it down. When I hit it she be loud but don't utter a sound. Looking sleep from her lazy love. It's all good long as she gives me a crazy buzz. Didn't come from man, raised around bugs. Besides that they can only hate because. Still like a trick she stays with the next hustler. I know a few and I'm one of their best customers. Guess I can't get enough of her. I put her ass in the air like a muffler. Make my money for the day and then rush to her. Go to sleep to her and wake up to her. If you can't tell by now then you aint gonna see. Where she's at is where I wanna be.

Track Name: Lyrical Warrior (prod. by Mikanix)
A Truth In The Flesh diss is something like a death wish. Wrong one to mess with, not to be tested. When it comes to the lames, the game is infested. When you're spitting from pain, you aint even affected. Laid back nigga but stays lyrically reckless. I don't give a fuck if you hate or feeling me, check this. If you don't respect it fuck you, fuck what you rep, and who you rep with. Stay in your lane or take the exit. Why them boys cant give a nigga one record without mentioning what they done paid for a necklace? Them the type of guys that get ate for breakfast. So hop the fuck off mine and go ride the next dick. They like, damn its like that? Yes bitch. Don't expect shit except the unexpected. Coming from the bottom and headed in one direction. If you got a problem I'm telling you come corrected. And I aint even quick to beef but keep punchlines that'll make you spit your teeth. Forget the heat, I'm colder than Christmas be. Ripping beats like I aint had shit to eat. And I couldn't be further from typical. Niggaz mad now, get right while I'm learning the principles. Like wine my rhymes seem to get better with time. So you should really be concerned at my pinnacle. Never slacking and always packing atleast a blade in the jacket, niggaz aint scrapping Where I live it's like kids off niggaz for practice. Eighty five percent of all the bitches are rachet. And me, I be dropping classics. Hopefully until they gotta drop the casket. Laying low, I don't want the cops harassing. Even though niggaz on the block is spazing. Making shit hot and tragic. Doc King probably couldn't stop the madness. It may be hard to live but you cant be scared of shit. Regardless death has got to happen. Until that time comes...Ima keep digging in these beats, killing all niggaz that rhyme dumb. Am I blind son? A lot of niggaz say they can see me and real rap I can't find one.
Track Name: Freak Of Freaks
Hook x2: What's the deal with that body? I got a lust to really get naughty. You're fucking with the freak of freaks. So if you aint trying to get it on leave a nigga 'lone.

Verse 1: Shawty got them sweet cheeks, all you can eat. Used to freak all through the week. So why I gotta beg for you naked in the bed? When I give it to you you'll be shaking in the legs. Chuckle if you please, I'm buckling your knees. You can say what you want, us fucking is a need. Tonight we aint gotta hit the club or be out at the mall. I really want to sweet talk that ass out of them draws. Getting visions of your face while I bone it. You moaning, and plus of course the sound of my balls..Tapping it, the shaft is thick. It's mind boggling how I beat it up rough but passionate. And when I give your ass the dick your gonna try to claim it. You'll stop fronting and be happy that you've got acquainted..With the meat of a beast on the beats. I'm trying to freak, so what's it gonna be? Let a nigga know

Hook x2

Verse 2: Got me harder than a NASA missile. Just from thinking about me in it, yea you're that official. Tell you what, I'm getting sick and tired of acting civil. Trying to work that thing out then relax a little. Blow a dutch, take a shot of the Hen. Just to loosen up before we get it popping again. Fucking with me you aint ever gotta pretend. You'll be ready to jump out of your skin when I'm not even in. So let your inner freak intervene. Only time you had it how Ima give it was in your dreams. I'm a scorp baby. So miss me with all the games 'less you foreplay me. Let's burn up, then turn up, and go porn crazy. If it's good enough maybe we can perform daily..what's up? We've known each other 'bout a month or so. And this may seem too blunt but yo..I really wanna know.

Hook x2

Verse 3: If I'm coming off strong I apologize, pardon. Can't help it, trying to get it on like Marvin. And when I get that special feeling. You already know, I want some sexual healing. No doubt what you're wearing will stress the building. Bet in your birthday suit you're dressed to kill. And I'm ready to die in that case. Ready to dive in that cake. You should let me inside. And I only speak facts so I aint gone lie. You aint gonna know how to act when your ankles high. And I'm beating deep..stroking and thrusting. Body language, having whole discussions. All of the sounds are bound to upset the neighbors. It's going down like we riding on an escalator. Let's get it popping though, forget the haters. I'm the freak of freaks between the sheets. B Double O

Hook x3
Track Name: Gotta Get It (prod. by Mikanix)
Verse 1: First and foremost I'm proud of me. Was blind for a minute but now I see. On the mother fucking clock is where I'm bound to be. Come find me when you're ready to crown a king. Come find me when you're ready to sign the truth. Certified go getter, my grind is proof. When I'm spitting niggaz listening to what I say. It aint all about the rhythm that you're rhyming to. Never forget your past, but make sure to think ahead. And don't ever have a temper too much shorter than your bread. That'll cost you, that aint doing it how a boss do. Gotta be about the money like lawsuits. Paper chasing, crushing blockades. Anybody that aint with it just in my way. Put that money on ya mind, treat it like a fitted. Aint nobody gonna give it my nigga you gotta get it.

Hook: Gotta get it, aint nobody gonna give it to you. Life comes with haters, fuck them other niggaz, do you. Keep those involved playing their role. But remove those that's blocking your way to your goal. If you started at the bottom or was born with bread. We're all trying to get more, from the poor to feds. Search yourself, find your skill. Perfect it, then go and get them dollar bills.

Verse 2: Gotta get it whether the getting is good or bad. Aint trying to be thinking of all the shit I could've had. Or could've did, or could've gone, or could've fucked. Don't wanna look back thinking it wasn't good enough. I had to learn the hard way that whenever you make some you gotta take some and put it up. And it aint too many people in the hood to trust. Probably why my road to the riches be looking rough. I do me regardless, I'm heartless. If it aint some money, you keep your garbage. Nevertheless stay in line, I've got something in store for any nigga who leaves the margin. Still try to remain focused. In my own lane, and nada, it aint open. Eye on the prize plus drive to get it. And don't really give a fuck if you aint vibing with it.


Verse 3: Whenever you do whatever gotta give it your all. And keep a close eye on every single nigga involved. You be thinking that the people you be with is your dawgs. Until one or more of them niggaz turns into a hog. Squealing, revealing shit you're concealing. Catching a case is how you're getting used to feeling. When you try to calm yourself you find yourself in situations you didn't choose to deal with. Show them all being fake is gonna bring a wake. But stay on track cause breaks don't get the cake. Before somebody throws the hate in a nigga face. When I say I'm getting cake I aint whipping base. I gotta five to nine (am-pm), on the side I rhyme and when I'm not doing that I'm trying to find a dime. I've done broke it down for you. Get up and go get it, it's time to grind.

Track Name: Foul & Trife
Verse 1: Riding through north Philly where shit gets real. Saying something silly can be the reason that a chick gets killed. Even the kids equipped with steel, it's damn shame. Little niggaz claiming to be in a damn gang. Nobody's guiding them telling them switch campaigns. So they get locked up, come home and can't change. We all need to start choosing for better when the only thing good about the news is the weather. Instead of abiding by rules to get cheddar again somebody done chose to use a beretta. Now a family's mourning and torn apart. Mentally and physically, yea, but more at heart. And we all know somebodys life ending can turn around and be why another street war can start. And so the beef repeats, somebodys peeps deceased. I'm shaking my head, the street needs peace.

Hook: Something's gotta give, a brother trying to live. But the world is so foul and trife. Situations been damaged, shit is taken for granted. And a lot of people just don't value life. We need change, and if not for the kids, for the sake of the game. Bet it's niggaz doing bids that'll say it the same. Gotta figure how to build with each other instead of killing each other.

Verse 2: And they tell me this is the city of brotherly love. But if you live a life humble or thug the stick up kids are bumping you up..On the list of the people that they plan to make grub for the bugs, where the fuck is the love? Somebody done got shot, it feels real sad. How its a thousand of cops and shit still bad? Cause it aint no one to trust from cops holding the cuffs. To those on the block, hoodies on, holding their nuts. And that's why I stay blowing a dutch. Focused as fuck, always observing and knowing what's up. How you gotta be living around poverty. Loud couldn't get you higher than the rate of robberies. Sleep on no man cause napping will cost you. Car full pulls up to jack you then off you. Awful, but them niggaz still numb to pain. Until them niggaz get done the same, we need change.


Verse 3: I'm so sick of incidents of innocent citizen's life lost. We're just witnessing a generation get wiped off. But while I'm in the booth talking the truth. It's youth in the street trying to shoot more than the troops. Petty start to a life that's already hard. Living by the gun aint promised to get you very far. Squeezing your steel don't mean that you're real. And just because you take what you can don't make you a man. Aint a place on this land Satan aint waiting to dance. Take the fate in your hands and start creating a plan to make a way to advance the living state of the fam. Have virtue an let all of the hate hit the fan. Need better times and shit getting worse. Gotta try to shake off or lift the curse. Not saying that you gotta take trips to church. But even when life's a bitch, don't forget her worth.

Track Name: It's All Good ft. Lanice London (prod. by Mikanix)
Verse 1: Gold digging hoes be like, "He got chips." Bros digging bros be like, "He got dick." I've been hot since niggaz were rocking Reebok kicks. You mad cause I fuck can be my bitch. You see I..can't see why all the straighter niggaz hate us niggaz. If you think about it they're the niggaz that made us niggaz. Can't let the hate break us niggaz. I'll teach you that you aint gotta give a fuck if they fuck with you. When your flow turns grown men to straight up bitches..Hating is about as relevant as made up digits. I look at it as a sign of fear, our time is here. Checkin niggaz back, had to hide for years. Cried some tears but pride came after the pain left. Been knew what it is, shit aint been the same yet. Water seems thicker than blood when your fam's out of love for a nigga and he can't get a rain check.

Hook x2: It's all good, you aint gotta approve of me. You're not affected by the people that I choose to freak. Talking slick about a nigga you can loose your teeth. Fuck back then, nothing's how it used to be.

Verse 2 (Lanice London): I'm a weed smoking rapper, annoyed by your swagger. My career is jumping and I swear man yours just staggers. You're so worried about the image. It's more than a façade but your imagination's figment. They say I'm so unladylike. And if I change my ways you could save me right? Booder got two middle fingers. Put two more up just to make sure it lingers. I just wanna be free, I just wanna be me. The way they're watching me it makes me feel like I'm in 3D. Why you stressing 'bout who I'm cuffing? You niggaz is really something, you niggaz is really nothing. The food that I eat not gonna make you shit. The bars that I write not gonna make you spit. The woman that I love not gonna make you switch. But the fact that I'm here probably makes you pissed.

Hook x2

Verse 3: So for me being me I'm against all odds? And for the same damn reason I'm against all gods? Well look, I can't say I'm a saint but I'm a good guy. You a lie if you try to say that I aint. Yea niggaz you heard right, you a lie. If I don't choose who I'm hitting then who decides? You can feel how you feel. But what's real is the way that you think got kids committing suicide. Y'all just rhyming, people hate bi men. Try to put yourself in the state of mind that I'm in. Waiting for a lyrical hate crime to chime in. So I can check any square that dares. If they ever want to step I hope they're prepared. I've been blessed with a flow they compare to rare. You aint gotta accept it but will respect it. I aint ever gonna feel neglected because..

Hook x4